Anything You Need to Know Before Choosing Premium Numbers

As we all know, 10 phone digit numbers with Premium numbers in the beginning is just for business requirement. But, do you know that both numbers have differences? Both numbers are actually different. It is the choice of the business office to decide. What makes both Australia wide national numbers really different is the call cost.

If you live in Australia and want to contact one of business offices for your need with 1800 numbers, realize or not, you do not need to pay for the call because you are free to call the office. That makes 1800 numbers is called Toll free numbers. It is the offices’ duty to pay the call cost. If you have big business, it is better to choose 1800 number because it will build professional image that your office is one of huge business.

However, you have to think twice if your business is still small because that will damage your business finance. If you decide to use 1800 number you have to pay the customer call cost, if they call from local area, you have to pay the call cost as the local call rate. It is also applied in national call. If your customers call by using mobile call, you have to pay the higher charge.

If you have just started your business lately and still want to arrange the finance, you can choose 1300 number as your contact service. Your office do not need to pay all of the call cost because the cost are shared with customer. It is applied to all three call origin with of course different call rate such as local call, national call and mobile call. It is your right to choose which premium number you want. In every month you will get charge starts from $10 for both premium numbers.