Coffee Makers That Make Many Cups Of Coffee


If you are looking for that perfect cup of coffee, you probably want to have a look at Cuisinart’s range of coffee makers. Stylishly designed, they have a range of models that suit needs for everyone. The best part about having a coffee maker at home is the ability to make many cups of coffee to go around for everyone.

We are going to discuss here – 2 models that make more than 10 cups of coffee for the family. Let’s take a look at some features of each of them.

Cuisinart DCC 1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffee Maker

This model features brushed stainless-steel finishing or black chrome, making it an aesthetically pleasing appliance sitting in the kitchen. Appearance aside, this feature-rich coffee maker brews 12 cups of coffee before refilling water again and if you cannot wait to savor that aromatic coffee, pause the brewing process by simply removing the carafe from the unit.

The Cuisinart DCC 1200 comes with a 24-hour clock cum timer that allows you to customize when you want to have your coffee or when it is time to shut down the unit. Other features include a gold tone filter and the indicator lights to alert when decalcification is required.

Cuisinart DCC 2600 Brew Central 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

If a coffee maker that makes 12 cups of coffee can’t satisfy you, perhaps a 14-cup coffee maker might just do the trick. The Cuisinart DCC 2600 dons a modern composure is capable of making up to 14 cups of coffee of 5 ounces each. If you are a fan of automation, the DCC 2600 can be pre-programmed to wake you up for your daily dose of morning coffee. Its brew-pause function, alike the DCC 1200 allows you to get a quick pour without upsetting the brewing cycle.

You can customize the temperature you want to keep brewed coffee with the adjustable heater plate which is scratch resistant and comes with a non-stick coating.

Cuisinart is definitely one of the leaders in the coffee maker industry. Both units are shipped with a generous 3 year warranty which tells a lot about the reliability of their products.

Besides the 2 mentioned products, it is worthwhile to take a look at the Chulux coffee maker which is also one of the cheapest and worth-to-buy coffee makers in the market. The product can be found at Take a look, you will be amazed by what the product offers.